Wake Up Your Body and Brain!
Move Better…Feel Younger

Small Movements Make BIG Changes

Feel relaxed and renewed, vital and free as you move through your day. Dump the no pain no gain philosophy and reclaim the smooth, effortless movement you experienced as a child. The book contains a goldmine of ideas that will assist your brain and body to combine forces to boost your capacity to feel comfortable and move effortlessly.

Discover quick effective strategies that work like magic, are supported by the latest brain research, and have proven results with thousands of satisfied clients. All this in nine, easy to follow lessons.

  • Boost your body’s level of health and well-being. 
  • Reduce tension and discomfort. 
  • Improve your posture. 
  • Enhance the quality and range of your turning and bending.

This series is also designed to improve your posture. We do what we are programmed we do. At first it may be easier to see changes rather than feel them. Notice how you stand before each lesson and then after each lesson. Soon slouching will be replaced with beautiful upright posture. When you change your posture you also develop a more confident attitude towards life.

  • Improve your posture 
  • Develop better back habits 
  • Ease pain and discomfort
  • Become more aware of your back

The PDF for Wake Up Your Body and Brain is available available at Alesia Publishing for $9.95.

Audio Lessons to accompany
Wake Up Your Body and Brain!

Following are descriptions of the Audio Lessons to accompany Wake Up Your Body and Brain.  These lessons cannot be bought separately and are available at Alesia Publishing for $9.95.

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Release Tension in the Neck with a Soft Gaze

Gaze softly and your neck won’t feel like a stiff stick! Try this quick and easy exercise to loosen up how you look at life.

Audio Length: 8:00 minutes

Releasing Tension in the Back to Facilitate Forward Bending

Use this exercise to learn how to bend with greater ease.

Audio Length: 8:32 minutes

Turn While Cradling the Chin

Using your whole body to move can give you greater ease of movement. Try it—you know you want to!

Audio Length: 9:10 minutes

Releasing Tension in the Neck or Butterfly Kisses

See how something so simple and as gentle as butterfly kisses can improve your range of neck movement.

Audio Length: 6:00 minutes

Releasing Tension in the Fingers

Learn to improve mobility in your fingers. Especially good for osteoarthritis or those who do repetitive keyboarding.

Audio Length: 7:38 minutes

Looking Up With Ease

An exercise for greater range and less pain when looking up. Perfect for people who work at computers.

Audio Length: 5:58 minutes

Teaching Chronically Tight Shoulders to Release

Chronic muscle tension can lead to an increase in lactic acid which results in pain. Learn to relax and relieve the pain.

Audio Length: 8:20 minutes

Rounding and Arching the Back in Sitting

Use this simple lesson to keep your back in tip top shape. Great for those who spend lots of time sitting.

Audio Length: 14:23 minutes

Organizing the Neck, Back and Shoulders in Sitting

Better organization in the neck, back and shoulders will relieve stress. So let’s get organized!

Audio Length: 9:46 minutes

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