Seven Steps to a Better Back Audio Lessons

Seven Steps to a Better Back is a collection of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lessons.

They were developed to improve your ability to move with ease and comfort. With the ongoing use of these lessons, your body should work the way nature intended and movement should become more effortless. 

This series is also designed to improve your posture. We do what we are programmed we do. At first it may be easier to see changes rather than feel them. Notice how you stand before each lesson and then after each lesson. Soon slouching will be replaced with beautiful upright posture. When you change your posture you also develop a more confident attitude towards life.

Following are descriptions of the Audio Lessons included in Seven Steps to a Better Back. These lessons cannot be bought separately and are available on Amazon as an Audible Audiobook.

The Potent Pelvis

The pelvis is the body’s power center. It holds the attachments for the largest muscles in your body. You need to be able to move your pelvis in any direction with minimum effort for well-organized efficient movements. This lesson will teach you how to coordinate your muscles to move your pelvis like hands sweeping around a clock. The result is a more conscious awareness of the pelvis and its relationship to the rest of your body. 

Recruiting the Glutes aka Balancing Your Buttocks

Tighten your glutes and release—so far so good? Now tighten one side at a time. Maybe not so easy, even if you can do it one side is generally “weaker” than the other. Unequal strength in the glutes may cause all manner of problems including, low back pain and sciatica. Having well organized gluteus muscles is the start of effective dynamic movement in every activity you do. This lesson will help you get there.

Don’t Be a Slouch!

Creating a united front strengthens your back. With this lesson you will reduce muscular tension in your back and improve your flexibility. Surprisingly, by bending the front of your body forward in an easy manner you will automatically improve your posture.

Bend over Backwards – Sharing the Load

This lesson will get the whole spine moving just like it did when you were a wee babe! As adults, we need to be able to arch our backs in order to look up or bend backwards. Try reaching into the back seat of your vehicle without arching your back! When you arch your back the front of the body lengthens and the back shortens. To do this movement comfortably we need to remind each vertebra how to play its part.

Syncing Back to Belly

For a strong and flexible back that supports you while sitting and standing, the extensor muscles in the back must co-ordinate with the flexor muscles in the front. This lesson will help your torso muscles communicate and synchronize to relieve and reduce back pain while in-creasing strength and flexi-bility. 

Lose the Love Handles (Lateral Flexion—Side Bending)

Getting a little action on the side can help you lose your love handles. By increasing your ability to efficiently bend sideways you will increase flexibility and perform better in the gym, especially when it comes to exercises specifically designed to tone your muffin top.

Extend Your Reach

It’s not about the hands. Reaching involves your arms, shoulders, pelvis and even your legs. With this lesson you can learn how to extend your reach without getting stretched out of shape.

These lessons available on Amazon as an Audible Audiobook.