The Knees Take a Hit

Knees take a lot of abuse. It’s a well-known fact that knee injuries are one of the most common reasons people visit doctors.  You’ve probably had your fair share of cuts, scrapes or worse on that part of your anatomy. With the accumulation of years you may notice your knees are not as willing to take the hit and now object as you go up and down stairs, stand up or sit down, kneel to weed the garden, walk, ride your bike, ski, etc. and a knee replacement may even be looming on your personal horizon.  

So what can you do to improve your chances of keeping our knees in tact? The position or alignment of bones and joints matters when it comes to your knees. There are three main joints involved in moving the leg—the hip, knee and ankle. The knee being in the middle is there so we can fold the leg (anyone who has had a knee injury and hasn’t been allowed to bend the knee knows how awkward that makes life). When the workload for jumping, walking, bending is spread proportionally through the three joints the knee takes its share and the movement feels effortless. When the alignment is off, you may feel excessive muscular tension, lack of balance, difficulty moving and/or lack of control.   

Follow along with this short (less than 5 minute) Awareness Through Movement sequence which will help improve your alignment and make bending your knees easier. Notice the changes you feel once you’ve done the lesson.

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