What Do Eyes Have to Do with a Stiff Neck?

Neck tension is something that we all wrestle with from time to time. The question you might ask yourself is what am I doing to produce the tension that creates my stiff neck? Even if you know it’s the result of arthritis, whiplash or some other condition or accident there are things you may be doing that can aggravate the problem and make it worse.  

Watch the following short video in which I explain and demonstrate to my client the effect the eyes can have on the neck. (I apologize in advance for the quality of the video—for some reason it kept going in and out of focus.)

Whiplash–Exploration of the Neck in Turning

Once you’ve watched the video notice what your own habits are and how you use your eyes. When you have a few quiet moments practice increasing your peripheral vision and during your daily activities try to resist the temptation to stare. Believe it or not you can operate your iPhone, tablet or computer more effectively if you expand your visual field and at the same time your neck and shoulders will thank you.   

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