What’s a Shoulder Well and Why Would You Need One?

You probably have a preferred side to sleep on which works well until you have an injured shoulder. When that happens putting pressure on the shoulder causes discomfort and you change your sleeping position to the other side or your back. We are such creatures of habit that changing your position can also mean you don’t sleep as well.

So what’s to be done?

If there is a lot of pressure on the shoulder when you lie on your side its generally because the ribs on that side are lifted and therefore can’t provide support to the middle of the torso. If your ribs don’t lie comfortably on the bed you can bring the bed up to your ribs by using the following easy and effective procedure. It’s cost effective (free) and, according to my clients who have shoulder problems, effective.

Then fold a towel or blanket length-wise a few times and place it a shoulder’s width away from your pillow. This will help to support the mid and lower ribs and make a “well” for your shoulder to rest in. With the ribs bearing the weight of the torso it alleviates the pressure on the shoulder allowing you to stay there for an extended period of time.

It’s all very well to have a blanket under the ribs but with moving around during the night it’s going to soon be out of place which is why you put the folded blanket under the bottom sheet.

Once you have made sure the blanket is positioned correctly put the sheet back in place. The fitted sheet will keep the blanket in place and no matter which side you lie on it will still be there to provide a well for the shoulder.

Sleep well!

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