Do It Hard or Do It Easy: How to take your shirt off when you have a limited range of motion

When we’ve always done something in a certain way, it never occurs to us there may be other options that are easier and perhaps even more efficient. Last week one of my clients complained she was having difficulty taking off her sweater and she now needs her caregiver to help her. When I asked her to demonstrate how she removes her sweater she did it in the most difficult way I could imagine possible. It never occurred to her there might be an easier way that wouldn’t require help. This incident reminded me of a video I made several years ago, on this very topic. Check it out and see if you automatically choose an easy way or a hard way to remove your sweater. The video was designed to help people with limited range of motion but you can do the same action simply by using your other hand without the “aid”.

How to take your shirt off when you have a limited range of motion.

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