Foot Position Determines Body Tension

Your brain is always looking for cues from your body position so that it can prepare for what is to come next. In this case, when you lift your heels and place your weight in your toes, you are activating the “runner’s response.” You’re telling your nervous system you’re getting ready to run so your brain puts your whole body on alert and activates the muscles that will give you the burst of energy you need to leap off of the starting block. If you keep your feet in this position all day, the tension continues to build as it is not discharged by running. On the other hand, when your feet are flat on the floor, your nervous system knows that you are not going anywhere and it doesn’t need to prepare for action.

If you are vertically challenged and your legs aren’t long enough to reach the floor when you sit, get something to put under your feet to bring the floor to you. You can make blocks out of old phone books by wrapping them in duct tape. Have one or two under each foot and you’ll be good to go.

For those of you that wear heels it’s about the same as being on the tip of your toes.  Heels are great as a fashion statement, but for a relaxed body while working at the computer you may want to have a pair of flats handy.

I’d love to hear what you noticed from this little experiment or what you do to release tension during your work day. Please leave a comment below.

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