Effective Core Organization—Using Your Glutes

Effortless movement—what a concept! We see kids climb, run, kibitz and contort in a million different ways. As adults it’s hard to remember a time when we too had that kind of movement available to us.

Do you feel you lack strength when running, cycling, skiing or any other activity that requires lower body strength? Do you suffer from low back pain, have difficulty standing up, or climbing the stairs? When you spend your day sitting for long periods of time as many of us do these days, the gluteal muscles may be atrophying through constant pressure and disuse. Then when you need to use those muscles they are probably not working to capacity if at all.

So how do you get back on the road to better organization? Balanced glutes are an essential component to developing core organization; it’s the synchronization of the muscular contractions and releases that will help you to feel supported as you move through the activities of your day.

The gluteal muscles are the largest (and should be the most powerful) muscle mass in the body. To work effectively and support good core organization the glutes must be synchronized so they can fire together or in other cases fire independently and when called upon have an equal amount of strength. To find out if your gluteus muscles are working and if not how to reactivate them, follow along with this video.

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